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RE-scheduled Meeting of Parish Council

Location: Chelwood Village Hall

Date: Mon 3rd Feb 2020

Time: 7:00pm




Chelwood Community Fund

A charity that provides grants to

local community projects.

Open for applications now.

Download application guidelines here.

Download application form here.



Location: Chelwood Village Hall

Date: Weekly Wednesday

Time: 6:00pm



Location: Village Hall

Date: 2nd Sat of month

Time: 7:30pm



Location: Village Hall


Time: 7:30pm



Church service time: 10:00am on 4th Sunday

Communion Service with contemporary worship music. 





Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct

Details of the Code of Conduct may be viewed here .

Lists and Registers

All Parish Councillors are obliged by the Code of Conduct to maintain a register of their interests and a list of any gifts and hospitality connected with their position as councillor. These documents are held by the clerk and if anyone has reason to consult these documents they are available for viewing at any full council meeting. They can also be viewed by prior arrangement with the clerk. Email: chelwood.parish.council@gmail.com

Mr Peter Sherborne (Chairman) Register of Interests
Mr Pat Harrison (Vice-Chairman) Register of Interests
Ms Julie Glynn Register of Interests
Mr Peter Jones Register of Interests
Mr Geoff Joyner Register of Interests

The councillors are all resident in Chelwood and can be contacted via the Chairman or Clerk to the Council.

Model Publication Scheme

The document below details information which is available from the parish council, detailing how to access the information and costs where appropriate.

Complaints Procedure

Please feel free to approach any parish councillor or the clerk if you have a concern against any parish councillor or the parish council as a whole.

If you are not satisfied with the response then you should contact:
Address: The Council Solicitor, Riverside, Temple Street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1LA.
Telephone: 01225 395171
Email: Maria_Lucas@bathnes.gov.uk
For further details visit the BathNES website.

Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Details of this Act may be viewed here.

Financial Regulations

Details of these regulations may be viewed here.

Risk Register

Details of assessed risks may be viewed here.

Standing Orders

These orders set out the procedures followed during parish council meetings

Details of these orders may be viewed here.

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