Chelwood Parish Council


Parish Councillors Contact Details.

Correspondence and Parish Council enquiries should be sent initially to the Parish Clerk; email or; contact telephone 01749 870358

Chairman - Cllr Julie Glynn, Burnts House, Chelwood, BS39 4NL; email;  

Vice-Chairman - Cllr Pat Harrison, Malt House Farm, Chelwood, BS39 4NN; email;


Cllr Peter Jones, Lodge Farm, Chelwood, BS39 4NH; email;

Cllr Geoff Joyner, Myrtle House, Main Road, Chelwood, BS39 4NW; email;

Ward Councillor - Cllr Sally Davis - 

Cllr Niki Cripps; email;

Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council normally holds four scheduled meetings per year including the Annual Parish Council meeting in May.  Extraordinary meetings can be called if urgent business needs to be discussed. The agenda for each meeting is published a few days before the meeting. 

The agenda for the next meeting can be viewed below:

Meeting Minutes

19th May 2020 Minutes.pdf - not in acessible format

 3rd February 2020 Minutes.pdf - not in accessible format

Budgets and Finances





AGAR Annual Return for 2020-21.pdf (includes Internal Audit Report and Statement of Electors Rights)

Parish Precept. At the Parish Council meeting on 18th January 2022 councillors agreed the budget for 2022-23 detailed above.  The Parish Precept was  agreed at £1,800, a reduction of last years precept. 

Internal Audit Report for 2019-20.pdf - not in accessible format.

AGAR Annual Return for 2019-20.pdf - not in accessible format

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